Raise against the Patriarcho-Brahmnical rules and norms



Why university administration is doing this? What these students did, which threatened university administration so much that they gave 6 months to 2 years of Academic suspension and lifetime hostel suspension for these students?

It all started with the reply to a SHOW-CAUSE notice in which one of the suspended students raised question on the sexist rule of the ‘HOLY RULE BOOK’ of hostels, which says- LADIES ARE NOT ALLOWED IN BOYS HOSTELS, by explaining its contradictions in detail and how authorities are using it as a tool to harass students and mostly women students. The university administration have not given any reply or explanations, because they have no real counter to the questions raised by the student and found it so offensive that they came in the midnight with  drunken wardens  to threaten the student by misusing entire university machineries-security guards and staffs. Because they thought this is the only way through which they can silence these ‘dangerous’ elements who publicly asks such questions to which they have no answers. The only way to save these patriarcho-brahminical rules is to threaten these ‘dangerous’ elements. But that night all of a sudden around 200 hundred students gathered there and started resisting and protesting against this illegal acts of authorities. This was the biggest threat to administration – A threat to Patriarcho-Brahmnical moral norms and rules on the basis of which they can maintain the hierarchical segmentation between and within students and discipline them.

So, why it is so important for administration/state to save and strictly re-impose these Patriarcho-Brahminical norms and rules in this particular historical time? And it is not an isolated thing limited to HCU. University campuses in every part of the country is faced with a similar pattern of functioning of university administration. We can clearly see it through the examples of what is happening in JNU, BHU, DU, EFLU, MANU, TISS, FTTII, SRFTI, IIT’s etc.

What happened to the liberal conception of the universities that envisions them as a free and democratic space, where you can debate , discuss, dissent, question the rule and norms of the society and think freely.  Are we really living in such a space or is it already a ghost of the liberal- bourgeois university spaces of the past? Isn’t it simply an illusionary dream of a free space? Why is the material reality and our idea of university so contradictory? And  If material and fundamental basis of the university has already changed, then what are we saving in the name of saving the university?

These questions can be only analysed concretely when we really start looking around us. To see what is really going on in our departments, hostels, mess, shopcoms and other spaces ?

Why there is a continuously increasing number of  involvement of  private players and mediocre class  in every realm of university – hostels, mess, water supply, electricity supply, maintenance, construction work, internet facility, projects, seminars, publications, internships, shops of shopcom etc. and they are generating a lot and lot of money out of it. why university administration is selling our university to these private players and mediocre class. Why they are allowing private companies to enter into even our departments  (they’ve already sold the upper floor of the Life sciences department.) And why these private players are so interested in our universities? Is it so that in the name of education, internships, training, experience…they can exploit our labour even without paying us wages, which otherwise they are bound to do if they do it outside? And when we demand that we are also producing for your company and hence we are also workers and we want wages they can simply argue that you are students and not worker so you have no right to demand wages.

If it is so, the situation is very dangerous. It shows that entire university had already transformed into the factory, but a qualitatively different type of factory, where you have even no right to demand for wages. And it is creating a dilemma/ confusion in everybody. what their idea of university  and the real concrete conditions and  experiences are in direct contradiction. And this dilemma, its sub- dilemmas, and consequences leads us to severe depression and suicides, which have already became a general norm in this university. But sometimes this contradiction burst out in the form of spontaneous eruption of the anger and agitation of students, which have the power to shake the foundations of this university factory, like-exactly what happened at that night, which threatened the administration, created an emergency for them and an urgency to supress this event as soon as possible, which resulted in the suspension of 10 students.

So, now, we can clearly understand why university administrations are so enthusiastic and autocratic in re-imposing these patriarco-brahmnical rules and silencing everybody who raise their voice aginst it, like- they did with ROHITH VEMULA.  Because for running the factory, the university factory also, they need factory disciplining. And these patriarcho-brahminical rules and norms are the best tool to maintain hierarchical division of labour in the factory, especially university factories.

So, it is our last chance after Rohith Vemula movement to again challenge and break these patriarcho-brahminical norms and rules inside/outside the university-factory and transform it into a real movement in the entire country. And if today we fail to do so, tomorrow nothing will be left, there will be  curfew everywhere and we will be forced to do slavery in this ‘iron cage’ of university factories.



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